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Bythams Cattery Birthday

St. Patricks day is always a special day for us here at The Bythams Cattery because 7 years ago today we opened for business. Yes, I know, 7 years! Where has that time gone to.

In a conversation this morning we were remembering waiting for that first phone call, our first customer and finally when it came we couldn’t believe the name of our first booked in customer – MOG! You couldn’t have pre-written the script but from that moment onwards the phone calls and now emails have continued to come and with your continued support you have all helped make our family business a success.

We all thank you for your continued support and we will raise a glass this evening to say Happy 7th birthday to The Bythams Cattery.


June x

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Chrismas & New Year Opening Times

The following details show dates and times we will be open for deliveries and collections over the 2014 Christmas and New Year period:

Weds Dec 24th 10.00am-12.00 noon only

Thurs Christmas Day CLOSED 🙂

Fri Dec 26th 10.00am-12.00 noon only

Sat Dec 27th 10.00am-12.00 noon only

Sun Dec 28th 10.00am-12.00 noon only

Mon Dec 29th  Dec 30th Normal Opening

Tues Dec 31st 10.00am-12.00 noon only

Weds Jan 1st 2015 CLOSED   Happy New Year

Thurs Jan 2nd 2015 Normal Opening

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Norfolk Challenge Total

Hello everyone,

Well, I know it’s been a while but I have finally received all of the donations for my Norfolk Challenge walk in aid of Breakthrough BreastCancer. You may remember we ended up covering nearly 28 miles over the two days and yes I have fully recovered from my little adventure and I still have some wonderful memories of the lovely people that joined me on that walk. Thanks to your fantastic contributions I not only passed my initial £500 target but doubled it and in fact my final total reached £1220.00! How brilliant is that! What wonderful kind hearted people you ALL are in helping me to support BREAKTHROUGH and make a difference to our friends and loved ones that have to endure the heartache of this illness.

Some of you may have read about Michaela Strachan and her devastating news and how she now has become an ambassador for BREAKTHROUGH. You can follow her story on the BREAKTHROUGH site by following this link It is well worth reading and understanding how quickly Michaela had to make decisions.

We have to continue to support the research and help this organisation provides and by doing so we can all make a difference to our and our children’s future. Whilst my JUST GIVING site will close tomorrow you can still donate to BREAKTHROUGH on the official site (use the link above to Michaela’s story).

So finally, again, a BIG BIG thank you to one and all for your donations, and you never know what else I may do in 2015!

June xx

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Challenge Completed!

Well my wonderful friends, I’m home. Stiff, achy and a couple of blisters that are my reminders of what I’ve done. It is a big achievement for me, not only in the distance walked, which the app showed was a further 13 miles yesterday, so 27 miles in all, not 24, but for the support you have all given me and the donations, which are still coming in. It would appear between the 45 walkers just over £4000.00 has been raised – of which you good people have so far donated £1035.00 towards BREAKTHROUGH. How brilliant is that! We were very fortunate that the weather held out for us and thank goodness it wasn’t today. With more beautiful scenery around us I did take it a bit slower with a need for foot repair around lunch time. As we neared the end I suddenly hit a wall and my legs just didn’t want to move but some supportive other walkers soon gathered round and helped me get focused again. With their help and the lovely comments from your messages running through my head I managed to get on the move again and cover those last two miles. Sandringham never looked so good – shame Liz and Philip weren’t about but there were many other well wishers to see us over the line. In fact many donations were given by people we passed whilst on the walk. It’s incredible to see just how this touches so many people. In fact, we have received word that a neighbour of my Mum and good friend was diagnosed last week and starts treatment this week. Our thoughts are with you Joan. But without all of you kind hearted, generous people I would never have been able to have put so much into this wonderful charities funding. Thank you all for your support both monetary and in messages. It does give you faith in people around you. And should you still wish to contribute my Just Giving site is still up and running (just click on this link to be taken to the site) with the donations board, together with photo’s still present in the cattery.

Thank you, one very humbled June x

end walk


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First Day Completed!

Well, we managed to get to Hunstanton in one piece and instead of the 12 miles one of the ladies with us has an ‘app’ on her phone that reckons we’ve done 14 miles!!! My feet feel fine but my hips are a bit achy. The last hour was difficult but your thoughts kept me putting one foot in front of the other. But what a beautiful area and the lager at the pub as we finished was so good. As for the tortoise and hare bit, on this occasion I’m pleased I was the hare as the poor ladies in the slower group got hit by a sudden storm and were wet through by the time they reached us. But everyone is still in high spirits and have the belief that we can conquer the second day. June x

Challenge 2

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The Challenge begins

Here we are in our pink outfits, Teresa, me and Julie raring to set off. We’re heading from Burnham Deepdale along the coast towards Brancaster and then onto Hunstanton. There are some lovely ladies here and our guides are very friendly and supportive. We’ve been split into two groups and I’ve opted for the quicker group! Will that be my downfall? Tortoise and hare springs to mind. But never mind, I know I’ve got all that support from home and thank you for the messages that are still coming in. They are being forwarded to me and will help the tired legs focus this afternoon. More to follow later! June x

challenge start

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Donations reach 4 Figures!

Hi my wonderful friends.

Well it’s happened I’ve reached and passed the £1000.00 mark in donations for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I never thought that £500.00 would be achievable but you kind generous people have pushed on and on and my total currently stands at £1005.00. It’s at times like this you begin to realize just how many people’s lives this cancer has touched. I know you have shared similar experiences to me and some much worse and for that reason I will be taking you all with me in my thoughts when I set out on Saturday morning. This response will make a difference for Breakthrough and I am so honoured to be making this walk on your behalf. So please, keep a check on my Just Giving site and see the updates or re-visit these pages where more detailed exploits will be posted.

But a big, big Thank You to one and all. June xx

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Target Reached!

This is a proud moment for me to inform you that I have reached my online target of £500.00 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. In fact I’ve actually received £610.00 in donations online on my Just Giving site and you kind people have given a further £250.00 in cash at the Cattery. Yes, my current total is £860.00! How did that happen! I am so humbled by the donations and know you have dug deep to make this challenge one to remember and I would like to think I am doing this walk on behalf of you all. I know all of your thoughts will keep me going and help me over those last few miles. If you still wish to donate please follow this link Burrell/ and you will be taken to my just giving site. Follow the instructions on the site. But thank you, thank you my kind friends. June x


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Update – Norfolk Challenge

Thanks to you kind hearted people I currently have raised a whopping £405.00, of my £500.00 target, online for Break Through Breast Cancer. So Thank You, Thank You for helping me to direct some money towards this worthy cause.

Two weeks today I will be out on the second day of walking but with 12 miles behind me that means only another 12 to do and an achievement not only for me but for all the other ladies taking part in this walk.

So now, with only 12 days to go before I start out I need one last push to reach my online £500.00 target. So if you haven’t had chance to visit my online Just Giving website then please follow this link and it will take you directly to the site. For those of you who have already donated, please visit my site and see the donations and comments. I am so humbled by the kind thoughts you have left for me and they will help me cover those last few miles that I know will be the hardest of all – thank you all for being so generous.

Kindest wishes,

June x                                                                                          june3

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June’s Norfolk Coastal Challenge

Well, several months ago a discussion with some friends led to me agreeing to participate in a 24 mile walk for charity. The walk, the Norfolk Coastal Challenge, takes place over the weekend of 23rd/24th August in the area of Brancaster, Hunstanton and Sandringham, with us aiming to complete 12 miles each day. Now whilst I have walked in the past it is some time since I have been as adventurous as this and I know I’ll be ready for my bed each night! The charity we will be undertaking this walk for is BREAKTHROUGH BREAST CANCER ( and you can find out more about them by clicking on this link )

Having had a scare in the recent past the episode made me really aware of what we ladies go through. The not knowing, the anxiety, trying to find out facts of what if’s and the but’s and how will it change my life! All these thoughts and much more were going through my mind and on this occasion I wept with joy at being given ‘the all clear’, but it certainly concentrates your mind and little else matters. It’s very personal too, who do you tell, how much do you tell, what effect will it have on your loved ones around you? It is amazing what goes through your mind at this stressful time. Since then we have friends who have not been as fortunate as me and I feel so wholeheartedly for them.

So please, help me raise some money for this really worthwhile charity by sponsoring my Norfolk Coastal Challenge walk. After all, you never know when they may be required to help you or a member of your family.

You can donate on my Just Giving website by clicking on the following text  and following the instructions on the page. Or call in at the Cattery, where I have an old fashioned sponsorship form, which can be hand filled in.

I will continue to add an item or two about my experience and the challenge but thank you for reading my message.






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