Donations reach 4 Figures!

Hi my wonderful friends.

Well it’s happened I’ve reached and passed the £1000.00 mark in donations for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I never thought that £500.00 would be achievable but you kind generous people have pushed on and on and my total currently stands at £1005.00. It’s at times like this you begin to realize just how many people’s lives this cancer has touched. I know you have shared similar experiences to me and some much worse and for that reason I will be taking you all with me in my thoughts when I set out on Saturday morning. This response will make a difference for Breakthrough and I am so honoured to be making this walk on your behalf. So please, keep a check on my Just Giving site and see the updates or re-visit these pages where more detailed exploits will be posted.

But a big, big Thank You to one and all. June xx

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  1. Janet Entwistle & Biggles August 22, 2014 at 10:35 am #

    Well done June, you’re a star! Good luck, there will be lots of encouraging thoughts coming your way over the weekend. Go for it on behalf of all of us who this has touched. Look forward to hearing of your experiences!! Best wishes, Janet

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