Covid Secure Instructions

You will be well aware that we care deeply for your pets and at all times will do the utmost for them whilst they are resident with us. However, during this crisis we also have to be mindful that we too must be careful as if one of us should become infected it would mean self isolation for us all. The downside then, is who runs the Cattery?

We have sought advice from International Cat Care and the International Society of Feline Medicine, who in turn are guided by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) and as result we are adopting the following directions to ensure we stay safe and are able to continue to look after your feline family members. We hope you understand our actions and please bear with us whilst the COVID situation remains.

On making your booking you will be asked to complete the booking form – forwarded to you by email. You must complete this form, emailing it back prior to your booking taking place (photograph copy acceptable).
REMEMBER: it has two sides and two signatures required – electronic accepted.

The cost of your booking will be forwarded to you together with the Cattery banking details. We ask that you complete a bank transfer for your booking BEFORE you collect your cat(s). This can be completed before you go away if easier.

You will be allocated a delivery time slot for attending the Cattery. You must adhere to this to enable all to retain social distancing. This will be discussed at your time of booking.

You will be allocated a collection time slot for attending the Cattery. You must adhere to this to enable all to retain social distancing. This will also be discussed at your time of booking.
IMPORTANT: Please advise if the person delivering / collecting is showing signs of COVID infection.



  • Just one healthy person must bring the cat to the premises.
  • No owners will be allowed into the cattery building.
  • Attend in the time slot allotted to you.
  • At Cattery you will be greeted (at safe distance). Please place your cat(s) down in their baskets UNDER the CATTERY ENTRANCE ARCHWAY.
  • You may briefly discuss any last minute conditions relating to your cat(s).
  • Your cat(s) will then be taken by one of us into their reserved pen.
  • We will still retain your carriers.
  • Your cats own food will be accepted, but must be in sealed box or plastic container that can be wiped with disinfectant.
  • Please note – under the current conditions we are unable to accept bedding, toys or other personal items into the cattery.


  • Remember to make your payment BEFORE attending.
  • Attend at the Cattery at your allotted time.
  • Please wait in your car until one of us brings your cat(s) out to be placed under the entrance archway.
  • Collect your cat(s)

Thank you for helping to keep us all safe.

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