Vaccination Certificates

The new Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 (see previous news item) state that we must see up to date vaccination certificates when you bring your pet into the cattery. The certificates will stay with us whilst your pet is in residence to enable a Licensing Officer or if...

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Cattery Booking in Forms

Under the new Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 (see previous news item) we will be required to ask you certain other questions relating to your pets stay with us. These will include 'separating' if 2 cats together and not getting on; permission from you to engage with...

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Licensing Changes

Some of you that have visited us recently will be aware that in October last year, new Animal Welfare regulations came into place. These regulations relate to all manner of premises from stables, kennels, home boarding establishments and of course, us, The Bythams...

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Cattery Security

To help maintain our security we have added a secure inner door within the cattery entrance. When you come to the cattery, please enter the external door and wait whilst one of us lets you into the main part of the building. Additionally we have placed CCTV camera's...

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Early Collections

Please note: If you collect early we will have to charge up to and including the date you originally booked your cat(s) into the cattery for. Unfortunately this year we have had several 'early collections', some nearly a week early, which not only means our revenue is...

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Payment Methods

It is with regret that following recent events and an increase in bank charges we will no longer accept cheques as a method of payment for boarding at The Bythams Cattery. We continue to accept cash and our card terminal will accept all major debit and credit cards....

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Cattery Website

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a slight change on our website! Yes, it has moved to a new platform (that's what they tell me!) to keep it in line with all new things internet wise. Slight colour change but otherwise same content as before. Over the next...

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Home for Felix

After many weeks of searching you'll be pleased to know we did find a new home for Felix. He's now happily settled in with his new owner in the countryside near Stamford. A big 'thankyou' to Stamford vets for their circulation that helped Felix find his new mum. Don't...

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Please Can You Help Me?

Hello, my name is Felix, I know it’s a fantastic name for a black and white boy. I used to come here for my holidays, but I’m actually having to live here at the moment and whilst I do like being here, I really need a new home. You see my Mummy died and there was no...

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Cattery Entrance

Some of you will have noticed a new trellis and archway feature as you approach The Bythams Cattery buildings entrance. Yes, we thought it was time to add a little more to your visit! It will evolve with scented roses and clematis planned to cover the structure but we...

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The Bythams Cattery

Zetland House
Little Bytham
NG33 4QW

Phone 01780 435015

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

10:00am to 12 noon
4:00pm to 6:00pm

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays

10:am to 12 noon


"We have no children, so to us Spot makes our family; there is nobody else we would leave our 'little man' with!"



Racheal and Luke Colsterworth