Well, several months ago a discussion with some friends led to me agreeing to participate in a 24 mile walk for charity. The walk, the Norfolk Coastal Challenge, takes place over the weekend of 23rd/24th August in the area of Brancaster, Hunstanton and Sandringham, with us aiming to complete 12 miles each day. Now whilst I have walked in the past it is some time since I have been as adventurous as this and I know I’ll be ready for my bed each night! The charity we will be undertaking this walk for is BREAKTHROUGH BREAST CANCER ( and you can find out more about them by clicking on this link http://www.breakthrough.org.uk/ )

Having had a scare in the recent past the episode made me really aware of what we ladies go through. The not knowing, the anxiety, trying to find out facts of what if’s and the but’s and how will it change my life! All these thoughts and much more were going through my mind and on this occasion I wept with joy at being given ‘the all clear’, but it certainly concentrates your mind and little else matters. It’s very personal too, who do you tell, how much do you tell, what effect will it have on your loved ones around you? It is amazing what goes through your mind at this stressful time. Since then we have friends who have not been as fortunate as me and I feel so wholeheartedly for them.

So please, help me raise some money for this really worthwhile charity by sponsoring my Norfolk Coastal Challenge walk. After all, you never know when they may be required to help you or a member of your family.

You can donate on my Just Giving website by clicking on the following text  www.justgiving.com/June-Burrell  and following the instructions on the page. Or call in at the Cattery, where I have an old fashioned sponsorship form, which can be hand filled in.

I will continue to add an item or two about my experience and the challenge but thank you for reading my message.