Hello everyone,

Well, I know it’s been a while but I have finally received all of the donations for my Norfolk Challenge walk in aid of Breakthrough BreastCancer. You may remember we ended up covering nearly 28 miles over the two days and yes I have fully recovered from my little adventure and I still have some wonderful memories of the lovely people that joined me on that walk. Thanks to your fantastic contributions I not only passed my initial £500 target but doubled it and in fact my final total reached £1220.00! How brilliant is that! What wonderful kind hearted people you ALL are in helping me to support BREAKTHROUGH and make a difference to our friends and loved ones that have to endure the heartache of this illness.

Some of you may have read about Michaela Strachan and her devastating news and how she now has become an ambassador for BREAKTHROUGH. You can follow her story on the BREAKTHROUGH site by following this link http://www.breakthrough.org.uk/news/all-news/breakthrough-welcomes-new-ambassador-michaela-strachan It is well worth reading and understanding how quickly Michaela had to make decisions.

We have to continue to support the research and help this organisation provides and by doing so we can all make a difference to our and our children’s future. Whilst my JUST GIVING site will close tomorrow you can still donate to BREAKTHROUGH on the official site (use the link above to Michaela’s story).

So finally, again, a BIG BIG thank you to one and all for your donations, and you never know what else I may do in 2015!

June xx