The new Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 (see previous news item) state that we must see up to date vaccination certificates when you bring your pet into the cattery. The certificates will stay with us whilst your pet is in residence to enable a Licensing Officer or if necessary a Vet to check.

Vaccinations required by the new regulations include: feline parvovirus also known as feline infectious enteritis; feline panieukopenia and feline respiratory viruses (feline herpesvirus and feline calcivirus).  

Your vet will be able to explain how important these vaccinations are, especially coming into a cattery environment.

Please ensure you make time to allow your vaccinations to be given prior to coming to the cattery by planning ahead. Again, these regulations are there to protect your pet from others that ‘say’ their cat is vaccinated, but hasn’t been and is probably carrying a virus that could infect the whole cattery.

Thank you.

June & Vicki.