Many of you who have visited the Cattery over the past 12 months will have come across Ozy. He spent many hours neighbouring up to your furry friends and indeed loved playing and chasing ping pong balls on his side of the run, often chased by who ever was resident next door. In fact, quite a character. Some of you will be aware that certain events kept Oz’s Mum and Dad away for such long periods during last year and then again early this year. In fact Oz came to us in early January and he’s been our COVID pal ever since. Circumstances dictated that from January Oz stayed with us and indeed at one point it looked like we may have to find him a new home as Mum and Dad took the plunge and decided to stay with their family in their new location. However, a move from their original location meant that Oz could now go to be with them, but COVID still intervened! Oz became the purrfect Cattery cat, keeping us in a routine during these trying months and we have all become very fond of this good natured, loving four legged character. Plans were put in place and a very responsible cat courier service was located and today Sue visited the Cattery and Oz started his epic journey down to the Isles of Scilly.

Yes our boy is going to be living it up in what looks like a very ideal setting. Lots of blubbering as he set off from the Cattery and we’ve waited all day for that telephone call to say Oz (& Sue) were safely tucked up for the night and he’s exploring the rooms, before the next drive to Lands End. There, tomorrow he will become airborne on his own (for 20 minutes) as he flies over to St Mary’s and back to his Mum and Dad. No doubt, we’ll be waiting for that call tomorrow morning to make sure he’s landed safely and got all 4 paws onto his new Island home.

Missing you already Oz Puss xxx

June, Vicki & All at The Bythams Cattery