St Patrick’s Day is always etched on our minds as the day 13 years ago we opened our doors for business.  Where has that time gone?

The past year has been challenging for all and having remained open throughout, because of people moving house or the un-planned hospital trip amongst others, we want to thank those of you who have been in contact for one reason or another and wished us well. We know it has been difficult for you with holidays booked, cancelled, booked and cancelled yet again and we realise things are still fluctuating with regards holidays from day to day, but we are STILL HERE for you.

If you have used the Cattery during the COVID era, you will know we have changed a few things relating to booking forms, payment and also drop off/collection timings, all to fit in with the COVID regulations. However, we have found most of these systems have actually been beneficial to all concerned and we will retain them going forward.

Booking and confirmation forms will still be sent out to you prior to your pets holiday. Timed drop offs and collections will continue, as this allows us to spend time with you and your pet and not be galloping between different customers when you come to the Cattery and online payments will also continue. We’re sure you will find this helpful as we move into this new ‘normal’ and for those that don’t use internet, just tell us and we will sort things out for you too.

Now all we’ve got to do is to wait for those opening up dates and the sun to shine on us.

Looking forward to meeting you again in the not too distant future.

Happy St Patrick’s Day. 😊

Kind Regards,

June & Vicki xx